Voice Works 2015 and a Chat with Cathy Jordan

Episode 29 January 15, 2021 00:59:17
Voice Works 2015 and a Chat with Cathy Jordan
Crackin' the Vault
Voice Works 2015 and a Chat with Cathy Jordan

Jan 15 2021 | 00:59:17


Show Notes

A chat with Cathy Jordan, lead singer with Dervish, and how Reeb Willms came to know her. And selections from a Voice Works concert in 2015.




A look back at Christine Balfa’s triangle record;
Cedric Watson;
The Peña-Govea Family – Miguel, Susan, Rene, and Cecilia – with a corrido and a polka;
Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder;
Cathy Jordan herself, with Mark Simos and Moira Smiley;

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Thanks for listening, have fun!



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