Bluegrass at Fort Worden

Episode 17 October 16, 2020 01:00:15
 Bluegrass at Fort Worden
Crackin' the Vault
Bluegrass at Fort Worden

Oct 16 2020 | 01:00:15


Show Notes

Centrum’s musical archive tenders some bluegrass music this week, featuring Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands from 2003, as well as three disciples of Bill Monroe – Byron Berline, Blaine Sprouse, and Peter Rowan.


Also appearing – Tom Rozum, Craig Smith, Scott Huffman (singing a Mark Graham song), Rich Levine, Eric Thompson, Craig Korth, Nancy Katz, and Patrick Sauber playing some superb banjo.


Here’s a great story, in Blaine Sprouse’s own words, about how he became Kenny Baker’s friend:


This looks like Peter Rowan to me:


50+ years later, Peter reprises Uncle Pen in today’s show.


Most Crackin the Vault shows will be available on the Centrum podcast channel:


Thanks for listening, have fun!



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